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Improved Twitter Integration In Bitlbee

I just recently received the Bitlbee 3.0.3 update in Debian Sid, so I thought I would checkout the changelog, and see if there is anything I would get excited about. And indeed, there is. Very much so. Here's the relevant changelog: Version 3.0.3: - Fixed Twitter compatibility. (The API call used to get the following […]


Happy Open Discussion Day, 2010

I almost let today go by without blogging about Open Discussion Day. Of course, lately, I haven't been doing much blogging at all, which is entirely out of my person, but anyway, let's get onto the festivities. First, so you understand, Open Discussion Day started back 4 years ago when Ploum first blogged about showing […]

Open Discussion Day - Belated

Well, wouldn't you know it? Comcast decided to cut my Internet connection late Sunday night, leaving me with no Internet at all Monday-- the day of Open Discussion Day. Of course, this is no excuse for not blogging it earier, and I have no excuse for not blogging in almost a month! However, is […]

Support Free Software? Then Ditch Proprietary IM

There are a few things that I find ironic about most Free Software geeks. They'll support the philosophy of GNU and Free Software until the cows come home, but they'll continue to chat with their buddies over proprietary IM protocols, such as MSN, Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ, Gadu Gadu, Skype and more. Well, it's time to […]

Open Discussion Day, 2008- Coming Soon!

Lionel Dricot entrusted me with organizing Open Discussion Day, 2008. This came as quite the compliment, as I switched to Jabber only for IM back in 2006, when it first started, and have been publicly supporting and advocating it since. So, for this year, I'm excited to see things take shape. First, what is Open […]

Jabber MUC Through Bitlbee

One of the things that kept me going back to a GUI for IM over and over and over is the fact that my Jabber client of choice, namely Bitlbee, didn't support multiuser chat (MUC). I had seen in the code commit logs that it had been added, but after downloading the development version and […]

Apology Issued To Google And My Readers

I want to publicly apologize to my readers and to Google for my post regarding Google being evil. It was shortsighted and rash without level-headed thinking and clarity. I was misinformed, but had thought with Google supporting AIM that my gmail account could now login to AIM servers. In other words, I was under the […]

Google Is Now Officially Evil

By Google supporting AIM in their Google Talk messenger, Google is now officially evil based on the fact that it is now considered a multi-protocol client. Multiprotocol clients do nothing to increase Open Standards. In fact, they do the exact opposite by hindering instant messaging as a whole: Multiprotocol clients are a curse for interoperability. […]

Using IM In Your Business

With the recent news of Microsoft purchasing Parlano, I had to comment on what IM, especially Jabber, can do in the corporate sector. For starters, according to TechDirt, 85% of businesses are using instant messaging in their environment. To me, this isn't too terribly surprising. And Microsoft is making a good move, in that it […]

Why XMPP Part 5- Official Online Dedicated Support

Sometimes, when evaluating a Free and Open Source project, we get all caught up in the technical details, and forget about what really drives consumers to any product- support. Nothing is more important to a user, than being able to turn to someone if they have questions, and get the support they need. It could […]

Why XMPP Part 4- Security Means Peace Of Mind

One of the most troubling aspects of using legacy instant messaging services is their lack of dedication to security, specifically encryption. XMPP plugs this hole beautifully and even has plans on extending the specification, but I'll get into all of that in a minute. Encryption is one of my most passionate topics. I've blogged about […]

Why XMPP Part 3- Decentralization Is Key

If you've been following my thread on why XMPP/Jabber is superior to all the other proprietary legacy protocols, then you should be beginning to see why Jabber is the king of instant messaging. Well, this reason takes the crown of why you should use Jabber. First, I want to get the gears moving a bit […]

Why XMPP Part 2- Saving Your Resources

I try to get creative with my post titles. I think I failed at this attempt. In my last XMPP post, I talked about priorities, the single #1 feature in a Jabber client that I look for. If I can't change the priority number to suit my needs, then I'm not interested in using that […]

Why XMPP Part 1- It's All About Priority

First, before I continue, I just want to let my readers know that the DRM post is forthcoming, I just don't know when. As of right now, the post is exceptionally lengthy, and just getting longer. It's far from finished as well. I've also had conflicting ideas on how to present the paper regarding DRM, […]

My Centericq Colorscheme

After last night's post, I began tinkering with the colorscheme for my centericq installation. Really, the layout of the application is self explanatory as to where the colors go. So, because I use the madcow theme for my irssi install, I thought that I would try to get it to match as closely as I […]