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Why I Use Screen

I've blogged about GNU screen on many an occasion. I'm not going to go into the technical reasons why I use it, but rather, the personal. First off, I am in love with the terminal. I am of the opinion that if you want to get into Linux, regardless of your operating system, you better […]

Open Discussion Day

There are only 9 days left, until Open Discussion Day, and I am posting this to remind you of the event and the purpose. Open Discussion Day is May 19th, every year, and it's a day where you drop your legacy IM protocols in favor of open protocols, such as Jabber/XMMP. I blogged about this […]

Setting The Standards Bar

One of the things that I hate about instant messaging clients is the lack of adherence to standards. In fact, the specification that I think should be adhered to the most, isn't. I've blogged about this before, so I apologize to the planets that I am syndicated to in advance for duplicating content. However, due […]

Jabber vCards and Google

So, Google is making a lot of headway with their Jabber server. They have opened up server-to-server (s2s) functionality, and they have added the vCard avatar to the user's account. However, they lack the rest of the XML vCard spec. This includes, but is definitely not limited to: Full name Nickname Birthday Phone # Homepage […]

A Couple Things That Are Bothering Me

There are a few things that are really starting to bother me, and they have been on my task list for some time. Trouble is, I can't find any decent documentation on any of it, and it seems that I can't find help. Here is what's troubling me so far: Setting up my personal Bitlbee […]

Goodbye Gaim- Forever

Since Open Discussion Day, I have connected personally to Jabber as my only means of IM communication, and I haven't looked back. I don't miss MSN, AIM, ICQ (although I am stuck using that at work), or Yahoo!. It's been wonderful connecting only to Jabber using my Gmail account. Well, since connecting, I just need […]

Streamline Client Encryption Before I Lose My Mind

I am getting really frustrated with encrypting conversations between differing IM clients. Why in the world does this have to be so difficult? First, let's talk about the principle of the matter. Then we'll get into the nitty-gritty. Regardless of who I am talking to, regardless of what instant messaging client I am using, and […]

Psi, Gmail and Jabber

If I am beating this topic into the ground, so be it. Sometimes, you just need to beat a dead horse, regardless. Due to the decision of switching to Jabber exclusively, I am on the lookout for a good Jabber client for Linux. In fact, a cross-platform client for Windows and Mac OS X would […]