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How Travelers Can Protect Their Data

I used to travel quite extensively around the country, and even had the opportunity to leave the country and go abroad. My laptop was always with me. As a result, I was very concerned for the integrity and safety of my data. As such, I took the necessary precautions that travelers can take when their […]

VirtualBox OSE on Debian/Ubuntu Linux

Lately, I've been getting quite interested in virtual machines. Namely, Linux/UNIX on Linux. When I got my new T61 laptop, even before, I have been looking forward to virtualizing Linux operating systems. Gentoo, Fedora, OpenSUSE, etc. So, first thing first, find a good virtual machine to run these guests. I had already known about VirtualBox, […]

A New Companion- The T61

Yesterday, my new laptop came via UPS. I decided on the Lenovo Thinkpad T61, which it seems to me, has turned out to be a fairly popular laptop. I'm glad I made the purchase. Hopefully, we'll see a great deal of hardware drivers to the kernel and elsewhere getting this machine to run smoothly. So […]

MacBook Pro or ThinkPad T61

I'm in need of a new laptop, and I'm struggling deciding which to purchase- the Apple MacBook Pro or the Lenovo ThinkPad T61. So, I'm looking to my readers for some help. Here are the pros and cons that I have outlined of each: Lenovo Thinkpad T61: Pros: Impressive hardware, built like a tank. 801.11 […]

My IRC Server

I just put up an IRC server, using IRCd-Hybrid, mainly to see if I could do it. It works great. You may laugh at this, but remember Hercules, my retired laptop? Well, seeing as though I haven't been able to get a cluster up and running quite yet, I thought I would put him to […]

A Faithful Companion

Finally, after nearly 4 years of heavy use, my HP Pavilion ze4420US laptop is beginning to bite the dust. It is showing it's age, wear and tear, but yet, still will not let me down until it does at last give up the ghost. For the last 4 years, he (no, the only female in […]