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Wikimedia Moves To Ubuntu 100%

Wikimedia is moving all 400 of its servers from Red Hat and Fedora to Ubuntu 8.04. After reading the article in its entirety, a few thoughts were going through my head. First, was why not CentOS? Wikimedia mentions that they are running different versions of Red Hat and Fedora, which is a problem in itself […]

New Irssi Theme - 88_madcows

Yesterday, while students were working on labs, and I was bored stiff, I decided to update my Irssi installation running on my Debian SPARC box. I spent some time cleaning up the config (not by hand, mind you, but through the options in the interface) by updating the servers I connect to, the channels I […]

Ubuntu ASCII Art

I wanted a different ASCII art signature for my email address than I had for my personal account, so I took a couple minutes, and hacked one up together pretty quickly. It's only 3 lines, which is appropriate for an email signature I believe. It's not perfect, but it conveys the idea. ,-O Ubuntu […]

Linux Must Be Laughable

Today, I found myself featured on the Linux Haters Blog. I've heard of this blog before, but didn't give it much thought, as most of the posts coming from the author are nothing more than Microsoft fan-boy fanaticism. It's hard to take any of the posts seriously. After reading his post regarding a couple of […]

Duplicate UIDs On Linux

This may be old hat for some, but I just discovered today that it is possible to have duplicate user IDs on the same Linux machine. The 'useradd' and 'adduser' commands will not allow it: root@kratos:~# useradd -u 0 test_root useradd: UID 0 is not unique However, not to fear. Hand-editing the /etc/passwd file is […]

Ubuntu At Best Buy

I know this is old hat, as I've seen it on the blogosphere for a couple of weeks now, but I can't help but post about it myself. Ubuntu Linux is selling at Best Buy for only $20.00. I have yet to grab a copy myself, but plan on doing so as soon as I […]

Windows Replaced

Last week, my wife called me to tell me that we had been infected by a virus and that she couldn't get online without her browser being forwarded to inappropriate sites. Further, there were new icons on the desktop, nasty messages popping up all over the workspace, and a saturated network. Sounds like more than […]

DASH on Ubuntu

A couple recent posts have started on the Utah Open Source Planet regarding popd and pushd not being available on a default Ubuntu install. As discovered, popd and pushd are shell built-ins for the BASH shell, and not provided by the Debian Almquist Shell (DASH). Why has Ubuntu made the change from BASH to DASH […]

Automating Debian/Ubuntu Installs With Preseed

As a Linux instructor for Guru Labs, I get the opportunity to do a great deal of system administration. One of those responsibilities as an admin is performing installations of RHEL, Fedora, SLES, OpenSUSE and OEL. Soon, hopefully, we'll be adding Debian and Ubuntu to the mix of courses and courseware. As such, along with […]

XFS vs Reiser

Last night, Christer and I were playing with the Ubuntu 8.04 installer, trying to break it, and get any last bugs reported before final is released tomorrow. What I noticed last night, during the install really surprised me. ReiserFS is a screaming filesystem compared to XFS. After doing the install 3 times on 2 identical […]

Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Countdown

Managing Services in Ubuntu, Part II: Managing Runlevels

In my last post, I gave you a glimpse to runlevels, their purpose, and how they affect the overall operation of your box. Today, in this post, I am going to dig deeper into runlevels, as well as manipulating services in specific runlevels. I'm going to show you why you want to do this, as […]

Managing Services in Ubuntu, Part I: An Introduction to Runlevels

As many of you are probably already aware, I'm a Linux trainer for Guru Labs. We do all Linux training, including Red Hat, Fedora, SUSE, and others. If your company is looking for good, solid Linux training, Gurus at Guru Labs are the cream of the crop, and I'd highly recommend it. I've been doing […]

Why Upstart Is Good For Your Distro

Disclaimer: I don't know enough about Upstart to hold a low-level conversation about it. What I do know of Upstart is what I have read on the Ubuntu wiki, the Upstart FAQ and a few docs scattered here and there around the web. If I have misrepresented Upstart, its goals or intentions, or SysVinit for […]

Ubuntu In The Data Center And On The Desktop

I was spending some time today on Wikipedia, reading the entry on Ubuntu, and something hit me- something which I've known for a long while. I decided to sit down and blog it for those who haven't really thought about it. Maybe this post will catch you unaware, and maybe not. Ubuntu is ONE distribution […]