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OpenID Comments Working

After much sweat, pain and tears, I have finally nailed down the source to my troubles with OpenID on my blog, specifically when commenting on posts. It turns out that Filosofo Comments Preview plugin is the culprit, causing a "You must submit a comment using the comment form" error. The plugin hasn't been updated in […]

Goodbye Twitter and your buggy service. Goodbye Jaiku and your spammy bot. Goodbye Pownce and your 20 users. Hello and Free Software. Reasons for switching to for my microblogging service: The code powering the service is Free Software, licensed under the GNU Affero GPL. Create an account and login to the account using […]

OpenID Re-Enabled.... Again

It's important to me that my blog support OpenID for commenting under the posts. For the past few months, I have had some database problems which have kept this fine tool from working. It seems to be working currently, but I have only done limited testing. For those with OpenID accounts, please test a comment […]

The OpenID Dillemma

There seems to be a trend, as of recently, for large companies to become OpenID providers, but now allow logging into their service with your OpenID account. The trend I'm noticing, is everyone wants to be a provider, but no one wants to support OpenID logins. Well not "no one", but not the major players. […]

OpenID Re-Enabled

Sorry for the delay on getting around to this, but OpenID support is back up on my blog. I downloaded this plugin from the official WordPress plugin repository, which is an update of Will Norris' plugin, which was forked from Alan Castonguay’s abandoned plugin. At any event, users are encouraged to use OpenID when commenting […]

OpenID Temporarily Disabled

There is an update with Will Norris' WordPress OpenID plugin that is expecting fields that don't exist in one of the OpenID tables. As such, until I can get the matter resolved, commenting via OpenID on my blog is currently disabled until further notice. Sorry for any inconvenience.

OpenID And Reluctance

Since making my blog OpenID enabled (using Will Norris' wonderful WordPress OpenID+ plugin), I have been more on the lookout for OpenID-enabled sites. What has become the standard for me now, is if the site does not have OpenID capability, then I'm not interested in registering with the site. There are a few sites that […]

New Feature For OpenID Users

I have created a new feature for OpenID users on this blog. Actually, I didn't "create" it, but more like adopted it. In any event, if you have an OpenID account, and use it to register as a user on this blog, you will be added to a whitelist in my database that bypasses Spam […]

OpenID Enabled

It was important for me to get my site OpenID enabled, for those who would like to use it. I don't force users to register an account on my blog to comment, so enabling OpenID on my blog might seem a bit silly. However, for those who would like to use their OpenID to identify […]

OpenID Delegation

Here I am sitting at my workstation coding away, when all of the sudden, a thought enters my mind: Can I setup my own OpenID server? I pull open my terminal, and 'aptitude search openid' in Ubuntu. I see two packages with 'openid' in the name, one a consumer package, the other a server package. […]