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RIP Microsoft Tag

So yesterday, Microsoft announced that it is ending support for Tag, (on Facebook?) it's proprietary barcode format. To me, this doesn't come as a major surprise. Here's why: Tag arrived very late in the game, after QR Codes were pretty much establishing themselves as "the norm". Tag is a proprietary barcode. No way around it. […]

High Capacity Color Barcode

I've been reading up on how to actually create physical QR Codes, complete with error correction. It's been very enlightening, and has grown a deeper fascination on the symbology of barcodes in general for me. While I'm not in 100% agreement with how they are currently being used (marketing, mailing lists, coupons, etc.), I do […]

Burgers As A Service

There is this burger shop near my home that makes the most amazing burgers, fries and shakes. Bar none. The burgers, of which there is quite the variety, each have their own "secret sauce" that gives each burger its own unique flavor. The fries also have various dipping sauces you can order, each of which […]

Piracy Sucks

This is something that has been on my mind for quite some time (think years), but I've refused to blog it, because it goes against the beliefs of many of my friends. In short, this post is going to hurt, but I just can't hold out on it any longer. Question: Are you one that […]

Mono And RHEL

With all the whoo hah about why GNote sucks for Tomboy, mono is patent encumbered software by Microsoft, people eating FUD for breakfast, and other things, one argument I've failed to read is this: GNote can bring Tomboy to Red Hat Enterprise Linux, as Red Hat will not ship mono with its flagship product. Whatever […]

GnuPG Turns 10

Happy Birthday to the GnuPG team and community. GnuPG turns 10 today! For those caught unaware, GnuPG was designed to be a Free Software implementation of PGP, removing the patented algorithms, such as RSA and IDEA, and replacing them with Free Software algorithms, such as Blowfish and ElGamal. Being a strong advocate of GnuPG and […]

3 Operating Systems I'm Watching

Lately, I've had on my mind the desire to run different operating systems, other than Debian and Ubuntu. I've always had this weird interest in operating systems, so when I discovered Unix and Linux, it intrigued me to run them on my own system. Unix never went far, as the only "distro" I could run […]

BSD License Explained In Layman Terms

It's always bothered me, how confusing the many Free and Open Source Licenses are. There are many to choose from. As a developer, which one do you pick? How do you choose what software to run? What applications or services will you deploy pending licensing? These are big questions, and I hope to make explaining […]

Movable Type 4.0 Beta Released

I'm 3 days behind in pushing out this news, however, after getting my daily dose of Technorati, and seeing all the posts about Movable Type going GPL with version 4, I had to comment. First off, I am excited to see Movable Type get back on its feet with respect to the community. It's history […]

My Centericq Colorscheme

After last night's post, I began tinkering with the colorscheme for my centericq installation. Really, the layout of the application is self explanatory as to where the colors go. So, because I use the madcow theme for my irssi install, I thought that I would try to get it to match as closely as I […]

Open Discussion Day

There are only 9 days left, until Open Discussion Day, and I am posting this to remind you of the event and the purpose. Open Discussion Day is May 19th, every year, and it's a day where you drop your legacy IM protocols in favor of open protocols, such as Jabber/XMMP. I blogged about this […]

Bruce Perens Rains on the Novell Brainshare Parade

UPDATE 2: Groklaw covered this post and Justin's. Comments following are insightful, and far outstretching the content here. Read more here. UPDATE: Justin wrote up a good review of the conference on his blog. You can find his post here. I had the opportunity today, along with John, Kyle, Justin and Mike (some local LUG […]

Texas, Minnesota and ODF

So I'm about a day behind delivering this story. Sorry about that. 🙂 Texas and Minnesota are debating making the move to ODF following the example of Massachusetts, for all of the official government documents. This is good news for ODF supporters and fans. Not so good news for Microsoft and Office Open XML supporters […]

Pure ODF Speculation Because you have to register on that site to comment on that article (registering on sites, just to comment is ridiculous), I am opening up comments here. I am curious what the community thinks about IBM using ODF to secure Lotus Notes in the market. Frankly, I find it mere speculation without proof. Discuss.

Keeping Open Formats Alive

I've blogged about this many a time, and yet, the same chime rings. How many of you are Open Source advocates, yet use proprietary protocols, formats, files, and software? It's one thing to be anal about Free Software, it's another to preach the Good Word, and not follow it yourself. Anyway, I'm not putting the […]