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Using Screen Effectively

One of the biggest tools that I use is screen. Not only for irssi, my preferred IRC client, but for other things as well. When I show people screen, it's funny to see the look on their face. They take a step back, and say "Wow. That's really cool". I hope somehow that I can […]

Freeing the Bound

First off, PortableApps Suite. When I stumbled upon this, I was ecstatic! A complete suite of Open Source Software tools for Windows users. Even better- they run right off of your portable USB drive! While the list of tools in the suite is young, and not extensive, it's enough to get a serious Windows user […]

Planet OpenSolaris

There's a new planet on the block: Planet OpenSolaris. Being first exposed to Unix on a Sun Solaris, and owning a Sun Microsystems Enterprise Server a little bit ago, I am a softy for the Solaris operating system. I think it is a rock solid Unix, and their hardware even more rock solid. And with […]

Ubuntu Resources

Last night, the Ubuntu-Utah team met, and we had a good meeting. Tristan gave a presentation on how to utilize Ubuntu resources, and Christer talked about what it takes to be an Ubuntu member. Both presentations were exceptionally good. I want to cover what Tristan went over, namely the resources that are available to Ubuntu […]

Corel To Distribute Firefox with WordPerfect Office X3

This is good news. As you are fully aware, most likely anyway, I don't use WordPerfect as: 1) it's not Free Software, and 2) it doesn't support ODF natively. However, with that said, this is great news, for a couple reasons. First, it tightens the competition with Internet Explorer as now, a major corporation is […]

Bummer Dude

Wow! Talk about case in point. And you thought running non-free software was okay. Good thing I made the stance when I did. Luckily for me, I'm running the open nv driver that ships with X. So I don't have 3D acceleration. I also don't have an exploited system. I was chatting about this online […]

IceWeasel, Here I Come

Well, it's rather unfortunate that the relationship between Mozilla and Debian ended this way. The whole argument over a trademarked logo is a little silly if you ask me. I look at this argument, and I see Mozilla to blame. Mozilla: get over it. Open the logo and realize that no one is interested in […]

Drawing the Line

Well, I've come to a conclusion on my personal conflict with supporting a Linux distribution that uses and ships with non-free software. I don't have a problem with it. In fact, quite to the contrary. I think it is wonderful that Ubuntu ships it. And I don't think that Ubuntu stifles innovation, as this article […]

Personal Philosophy Problems

I came across something that is problematic for me. I guess I really knew it all along, but today it hit home, and I put 1 and 1 together. By default, Ubuntu ships with two repositories that are fully supported: main and restricted. These two software repositories include all the necessary software to get a […]

Jonathan Schwartz- Sun CEO and Blogger

I don't know if many of you read Jonathan Schwartz's blog or not, so if you don't, you're in for a good read. For starters, Jonathan Schwartz is the only CEO in a Fortune 500 company to blog (Scott McNealy has handed over the keys and the position). Second, he blogs about what most of […]

Streamline Client Encryption Before I Lose My Mind

I am getting really frustrated with encrypting conversations between differing IM clients. Why in the world does this have to be so difficult? First, let's talk about the principle of the matter. Then we'll get into the nitty-gritty. Regardless of who I am talking to, regardless of what instant messaging client I am using, and […]

Change Window Shortcuts in Irssi

I love Irssi in combination with screen. It is a beautiful thing. For those of you who don't use it, try it. You'll never go back. Getting the hang of windows in Irssi can be somewhat tricky when first using it, because everything is command line. So, changing windows is done using the keyboard. Pressing […]

A Few More Thunderbird Hiccups

I love Thunderbird. It is a solid application. But I have a few issues with the app, and I am beginning to think about abandoning it. Here is a list of issues that I have with the application: Thunderbird doesn't handle RSS2 feeds properly. The summary (about 256 characters or so) is loaded rather than […]

Favorite Application #2: Cream

UPDATE: I guess vim 7 has been released already. Were have I been? Being a data engineer as my profession, I spend most of my time in text editors, you guessed it, manipulating data. Because I am on a Windows XP workstation, this usually means VEdit. VEdit isn't bad, and has very promising features for […]

Spammers- Don't Get Too Comfortable

Spammers must enjoying the relief from the very apparent strain that Blue Frog users were giving them. Well, they won't be enjoying the relief for long. Thanks to a new startup group called Okopipi. For starters, it is peer-to-peer, de-centralized and completely open source. And the best part? DDOS attacks against Okopipi are now next […]