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Favorite OSS Application #1 and #2- Screen and Irssi

I am going to try something new. I am never good at keeping the motivation on these kinds of posts, so we'll see where this takes me. Lately, my blog has been fairly negative, and for this I appologize. I appologize to my readers at Planet Utah, for those who syndicate me and to those […]

OpenDocument Approved As An ISO/IEC Standard

This is good news, even if it is a week old.  Andrew Updegrove gives us the news: The six month voting window for ISO/IEC adoption of the OASIS OpenDocument Format (ODF) standard closed on May 1, and at midnight (Geneva time) last night it was announced internally that ODF had been approved by the ISO […]

Gnome Integration

First, I want to thank all the traffic from the Gnome desktop devel mailing list. I normally sit around 20-30 hits per day. Your traffic has doubled that. While I am certainly NOT looking for traffic, it is somewhat pleasant to know that I am reaching out, and creating interest in someone. So, with that, […]

Points of Clarification

A follow-up post is needed to explain many of my positions in greater detail about previous posts I have put on this blog. I will address them in order. -Open Discussion Day This post seems to be the most misunderstood of all. I don't know if people are just skimming the post looking for highlights […]

Proprietary Software in and Open Source World

Before I begin going, let me ask a question. Think about it for a second. Should proprietary software belong in open source Linux? Now if you gave that any thought at all, 80% of you are running proprietary software in your Linux box. Whether you are using ndiswrapper for your wireless, playing DVDs and MP3s […]

One Keyboard One Mouse Many Computers

Synergy is just too cool.  This is the kind of software that should just be implemented onto evey networked computer by default.  It gives you the ability to have control over as many networked computers as necessary using only one keyboard and one mouse.  Of course, you need a monitor on every computer that will […]

Where Art Thou GNOME 3.0?

This is somewhat of a personal pet peeve more than anything. In fact, I'd place this right under the 'Rant' category if I had one. My issue is all about when GNOME 3.0 is going to get released, if ever. First off, let me mention that I prefer Fluxbox and Blackbox to any window manager […]

Psi, Gmail and Jabber

If I am beating this topic into the ground, so be it. Sometimes, you just need to beat a dead horse, regardless. Due to the decision of switching to Jabber exclusively, I am on the lookout for a good Jabber client for Linux. In fact, a cross-platform client for Windows and Mac OS X would […]


I hate 'em.  Nothing is worse than getting the hiccups.  Escpecially when they are very violent and seem to last for a long time.  Well, yesterday, I just got a major hiccup, and this one is going to last for a long time. Two days ago, I posted about Open Discussion Day, and how I […]

Open Discussion Day

May 19th is unofficially becoming a very important day in instant messaging. It is becoming the day that legacy protocols are dropped, such as Yahoo, MSN, AIM and ICQ, and only open IM protocols are used, such as Jabber. Currently, I use all protocols. I have for a long time, and I have many contacts […]

Gmail-notify as an Example of the Power of Open Source Software

The example I am about to expense is why Open Source Software (OSS) is so powerful. A friend of mine was reading my blog, and cheking out my Firefox extension list (that I still need to update badly). He noticed that I use the gmail notifier extension for Firefox rather than the gmail-notify package for […]