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All things Perl.

Irssi GUI Notify

I am currently connected to two Irssi instances coupled with screen. One instance at home, for all my personal IRC needs, and the other at a corporate LAN for secure inter-office IRC messaging. It works great, except when someone tries to get a hold of you (a highlight). I haven't found any good way for […]

Poll: First Programming Language?

My coworker asked me this question, and began asking a few others in a couple IRC channels. So, I thought I'd extend it to my blog, and the planets that I syndicate. I added as many choices as I could hoping to see a wide array of votes. I added a few newer languages for […]

Simple Recursion in Perl

I'm going to embarrass myself today, and post some hack-ish Perl code using recursion. Actually, because the code is only 35 lines, I think it turned out actually fairly well, but as I am a Perl n00b, I am sure that the experts out there will disagree with the quality of the code. First and […]

Perl Versus Ruby on CSV

Ok. I had a little project at work, at which point, I turned to Perl to accomplish the task. The project was simple enough: take a comma-separated file, and look at a few fields to see what data is contained. Based on that data, create a "weight", and assign the weight to the record at […]

Dvorak-QWERTY Irssi Script

In #utah on Freenode, there has been some active discussion lately about Dvorak vs. Qwerty. As such, ibot, a channel bot, has the ability to display text when someone enters a channel. Some of the chatters, including myself, have a join that is "encrypted". Well, not really, per se, but rather, just Dvorak text that […]

Optimizing Searches In Perl

So, I needed something to search a string in one text file, and compare it with a string in a second text file. If there is a match, I need to print the results to a new text file. So, because I'm new to Perl, but have a programming background, I figured this would be […]

"We're Going In A New Direction"

Looking back at the archives of this blog, it's overall theme and vibrancy has changed throughout the months, and honestly, I don't like where it's landed. So, this blog is taking a new turn and revisiting it's roots. The initial reason this blog was put up, back in September 2005, was to provide an archive […]

Perl, substr, and line feeds

Ok. This may come to most of you as "DUH", but for me and a few helping me, we couldn't figure it out. Consider the following Perl code: 123456789101112131415!#/usr/bin/perl -w open(IN, "oldfile.txt"); open(OUT, ">newfile.txt"); while(<IN>) {     $var1=substr($_, 0, 10);     $var2=substr($_, 10, 5);     $var3=substr($_, 15, 3);     substr($_, 0, […]

Binary Timestamp Screenshot

I was way too tired last night to whip up a screenshot, so you could see the script in action. So, here it is in a seperate post. Enjoy.

My First Irssi Script- Binary Timestamps

A couple nights ago, while on Freenode, lilo (Rob Levin) posted a small log of a chat in the channel, and I noticed that he was using the Unix Epoch time as his timestamp in his IRC client irssi. I thought that was genious, so I set out to code an irssi script that shows […]

Pimped Irssi

Below is a screenshot (click on it for a full-sized shot) of my current irssi setup. The visibles are as follows: perl script for the nicklist on the right. It is redrawn on screen for every part/join and every channel change. Really nice. I run it in screen mode rather than fifo mode. I […]

New Perl Project

Browsing the web, I have seen a number of different ways to "hide" email addresses on web pages from bots. I have seen images, slight text obfuscation and other methods. However, has anyone thought of HTML obfuscation? It's a simple concept really, using the ASCII chart to "hide" your letters. Consider the ASCII table below: […]

Converting QuickBasic to Perl at work

At work, most of our software programs run in Linux. We do use Windows XP workstations, however. We use PuTTY to access Linux. It works well, and the IT department as well as most of the data engineers. The only thing that is keeping us from making the switch is QuickBasic. Several years ago, a […]

Perl Obfuscated Code

One of the fun features about Perl is obfuscating code. You can make the simple "Hello World" much more difficult than it should be. This is definitely one of the fun features of programming Perl. For example, from Wikipedia, here is a program that prints out "Just another Perl / Unix hacker" using 32 concurrent […]