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My Journey Through Mathematics

A photo of me and my library of math books that I studied to walk with a Bachelor's of Science in Applied Mathematics. As of April 22, 2011, I have a Bachelors of Science degree in Mathematics, with an emphasis in applied math, and a minor in Computer Science, with an emphasis towards software development. […]

Created A PGP Key Signing Policy

I just created a PGP/GPG key signing policy. I've never set one before, so there it is. The motivation is three-fold: I want raise awareness for encrypted email, I want to expand the Web of Trust and I want to sign keys. I believe we've gotten too anal retentive about the rituals of signing each […]

OpenPGP, Android and RFC 3676

Now that I own an HTC Evo 4g, I've noticed that email is less than optimal. I blame the screen size, and the lack of good fonts and font sizes, but nonetheless, I've found some annoyances in my life with my Android device, and I'm guessing others are experiencing the same annoyances, be it on […]

Frustrated with

First, get yourself caught up here, so the rest of my post will make sense: I joined because it was superior to Pandora Radio to me. I didn't care much for Pandora, because my stations would radically change based on what I gave as "thumbs up" and "thumbs down". For example, I would […]

Goodbye Facebook

This has been a long time coming, but I think it's time to drop the ball. I'm done with Facebook for a number of reasons, some of which are outlined here. The biggest reason, however, is how dangerously scary Facebook is treating your privacy. Over and over and over again, there have been major concerns […]

The Verizon iPhone

UPDATE: Some people have taken offense to my post. They took issue to the term "fanboy", as if I was calling each person who own an iPhone a fanboy, and if somehow that term is derogatory. If you interpreted the post in this manner, and got offended, I apologize. What I'm trying to communicate, is […]

Reading Addiction

To be honest, I don't know why I'm sharing this with you. I was just poking through my email, and noticed that I read a lot of mail. In fact, my email growth has been exponential over the past 6 years. It's fair to say that I'm addicted. But it's not just email; instant messaging […]

Please Consider The Environment Before Printing This Post

I just saw my first email, where in the bottom of the signature, it contained the following, in green italicized text: P Please consider the environment before printing this email. At first, I thought it was cool. But then, the more I thought about it, I thought it was silly. I mean, I understand that […]

Ramadan - Week 4

My third week of experiencing Ramadan is already documented, this is week four. Ramadan has come to a close. It's the end of an old month and the beginning of a new. At the beginning of the new month, a festival called Eid ul-Fitr is celebrated for three days, while Muslims eat, play games, enjoy […]

An Open Letter To Pastor Terry Jones

Dear Pastor Terry Jones- I understand that on September 11th, you plan on carrying out the act of burning Qur'ans with your local church. Do you seriously realize the significance of the act you're about to carry out? This will create all sorts of complications and security concerns for our troops in Afghanistan. This will […]

Ramadan - Week Three

My second week of experiencing Ramadan is already documented, this is week three. When studying Anthropology in higher education, you learn in your first class the necessity of "participant observation". This is defined as getting involved with the group you wish to study. In other words, rather than sitting on the sidelines, just watching the […]

Ramadan - Week Two

My first week of experiencing Ramadan is already documented, this is week two. This week was the week that school started for fall semester at my local university. I'm a bit nervous being able to keep my energy high all day long after going from class to class at school, so it will be interesting […]

Ramadan - Week One

I mentioned that I wanted to participate in Ramadan, even though I'm Mormon. This is my first week of doing so. So, the first week of Ramadan has been a good one for me. There have been times when I have struggled with fasting, and there have been times when it wasn't such a big […]

Looking Forward to Ramadan

I'm a Christian. Specifically, I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Yes, I'm a Mormon. In fact, I'm a very active Mormon. I believe the doctrine, I attend church every Sunday, I read the Holy Scriptures, I pray, I attend the temple when I can and I try to live my […]


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