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The Number Eightyeight

For those who know me, know I use the nickname or alias "eightyeight". I use it on IRC as my main nick I chat with, I use it on the microblogging service, and I use it elsewhere here and there. There are several reasons why I use this nickname, and I'll cover those here, […]

QR Code with MECARD and hCard

It's the digital age. Computers are getting cheaper and stronger. Mobile smart phones are becoming a household fixture. Networking is more readily available than ever before and increasing its speed. Yet, many of our daily products remain locked in the past, not taking advantage of what technology has to offer. So, personally, I decided to […]

Get Your Unix Beard On

Today is the day, my friends. The day where the boys are separated from the men. The day tech support is separated from the system administrators. The day God smiles from on High. What am I referring to? Why, Whiskerino 2009, of course. The concept is simple. Whiskerino is an Internet beard growing contest that […]

Dear Qwest

A friend of mine just recently signed up for your land line telephone residential service. Within days, he has already been getting a slew of solicitation phone calls. He hasn't even had the chance to hand out his number, and already, he's getting quite the barrage of solicitors. Yet, I have a Google Voice number […]

More ZSH Prompt Love

Ever since discovering ZSH 3 years ago, I've been addicted, but it wasn't until a good 2 years into using the prompt on a daily basis that I decided to do some radical work with my prompt. I've blogged about this before a couple times, making improvements along the way: post 0, post 1, post […]


While taking the bus home yesterday from work, I needed to login to work over the VPN and get some stuff done, before the next day started. The express bus I take home has free WIFI on the bus. Unfortunately, it's anything but reliable or stable. I kept losing the connection, then I would have […]

Moving to Movable Type

After weighing in the pros and cons, it looks like I'll be migrating my blog, and all of it's data to a Movable Type install, rather than a WordPress install? Why? I'm hoping to take some strain off the server by removing the database on the posts. Honestly, I don't know why blog engines have […]

It's That Time Again

1echo 'by9+IEhhcHB5IEJpcnRoZGF5IHRvIHlvdSEgSGFwcHkgQmlydGhkYXkgdG8geW91ISBZb3UgbG9vayBsaWtlIGEgbW9ua2V5LCBhbmQgeW91IGNvZGUgbGlrZSBvbmUgdG9vISBvL34K' | base64 -d

New Job

Well, today was the completion of Day 2 on the job. As many of you are aware, I was laid off from my job as a Linux instructor for Guru Labs last month. There is no doubt in my mind that being a Guru was the best job in the planet, so losing that job […]

I Has A Education

Normally, I wouldn't care about such things, however, I got this in the mail the other day, and found it too funny to pass up. Republican representative Brad Dee is running for Legislative District 11 here in my county in Utah. When my wife checked the mail, she called me to tell me about this […]

Dear Sprint

I am no longer interested in your service. Apparently, I'm not the only one, with hundreds of thousands of other users also not interested in your service. Why? Because you aren't delivering the features that I want in a cell provider. Let me explain. Last night, my daughter, who is 9 months old, got a […]


There have been some dust storms lately about a splog ( reproducing Planet Debian and Planet Ubuntu content, and probably others, without obeying the author licenses that the content is being written under. DMCA notices have been issued, and Google notified for improper use of ads on their site. I personally have emailed the webmaster, […]

Why Blog? Because Google Might Hire You

Ok. Now that I have the official word on not getting hired by Google, I'm opening the Can 'O Worms. Yes, I almost took a job with Google, and no, I wasn't job hunting. Let me tell the story. It's a quiet day. I'm sitting in front of Hercules (R.I.P.), my faithful laptop, coding away, […]

Das Keyboard

My wife is going to kill me. Seriously. Don't tell her that I bought this, or I'm a dead man! Who am I kidding? She reads my blog, so she'll find out in her own due time. I just dropped 90 squid on keyboard!!! Not any keyboard, however, Das Keyboard. The great thing about this […]

My Day Today

I have 3 meetings, each about 2 hours a piece today. What a day! Here's my schedule (all times are UTC): 17:00-19:00: Meeting with my group OALUG about security using GnuPG. I am presenting. 19:00-21:00: Meeting with the Ubuntu-Utah group in #ubuntu-utah on IRC. I am helping conduct by aiding Christer, our Team Lead. 21:00-23:00: […]