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All things PHP.

Poll: First Programming Language?

My coworker asked me this question, and began asking a few others in a couple IRC channels. So, I thought I'd extend it to my blog, and the planets that I syndicate. I added as many choices as I could hoping to see a wide array of votes. I added a few newer languages for […]

"We're Going In A New Direction"

Looking back at the archives of this blog, it's overall theme and vibrancy has changed throughout the months, and honestly, I don't like where it's landed. So, this blog is taking a new turn and revisiting it's roots. The initial reason this blog was put up, back in September 2005, was to provide an archive […]

Linux Is Fun and Stuff, but...

...setting up a Linux server, and evern worse, being the system administrator is a pain in the butt!!!111!!!11!one Okay, here's the thing.  I am now hosting the OALUG site on my Ubuntu web server.  No big deal.  I am hosting 3 other sites as well.  Being a web admin is not that bad.  Lately, however, […]


I got into this discussion with a student at school this morning. A professor wants to convert my proposed CS site from PHP to straight ASP. I don't understand why, for a number of reasons, why he would want to or even put himself through that. All OS preferences and biases aside, I argue that […]

Email Obfuscation- PHP Style

In my last post, I mentioned that I was picking up a new Perl project to obfuscate an email address from the traditional form to encoded ASCII. However, digging into the project reveals that everything can be handled with a simple PHP script. The code is so simple, actually, that little remains left to code. […]