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Good Advice For Computer Science Students

While reading Planet Gnome, I read a good post by Clare So discussing programming suggestions for CS students. I thought it was a particularly good read, and would like to also discuss it here. The inspiration for his post, and mine as well, comes from a list of suggestions found on Google (that link is […]

ACM- ACMs Corporate Misguidance

Caution, this is a very lengthy post. One year ago, I was elected as the Chair for the local ACM chapter at WSU. Unfortunately, it ended in tragedy. I would like to share this experience with you. Becoming the ACM Chair actually extends a great deal back. Long before I even knew what the ACM […]

Site Down

Unfortunately, the site that I have been designing and maintaining for the CS department is no more.  Supposedly, the Dean of the University wants all departments to adhere to the COAST web page standard, so my site got the boot. For most the day, I have been upset, and very, very frustrated.  I have been […]

Let Democracy Prevail

The past week, I received a troubling email. I was told by the CS counselor at WSU that my site will no longer be used as the CS site. Frankly, I am a little bummed. For the moment, it works, but not for long. The WSU Dean was not pleased at all, and had some […]

My Contribution To Ubuntu

Aside from being a member of the Ubuntu-Utah team and the Unofficial Ubuntu Document Storage Facility team, I have decided to contribute more.  Frankly, I don't know why I haven't thought about this before.  I guess it took a little poking and prodding to get me going. I am hosting the latest Ubuntu stable release […]

What I Would Like To See At WSU-CS

Ok, here's the thing. I am not bashing the Computer Science Department at WSU. In fact, I think what the current Department Chair is doing now is wonderful. He has completely turned the entire department around. However, he still has a great deal of work to do, before the department is really, trully, proactive. Here's […]

Frustrated With School

I only have a few minutes to post before I have to run into work, so I'll keep this short and to the point. I am beginning to grow tired of the Computer Science program at Weber State University. If you are a professor or faculty member of the department reading this post, I am […]