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Add Vim Editing Mode To Your ZSH Prompt

I've decided to go back to vi mode with my shell. Of course, by default, BASH, ZSH and others use emacs mode for the keyboard bindings. This is fine for the generic case, but if I'm using Vim for my default editor, it makes sense to use the Vi keyboard bindings in my shell as […]

DASH on Ubuntu

A couple recent posts have started on the Utah Open Source Planet regarding popd and pushd not being available on a default Ubuntu install. As discovered, popd and pushd are shell built-ins for the BASH shell, and not provided by the Debian Almquist Shell (DASH). Why has Ubuntu made the change from BASH to DASH […]

My ZSH Prompt Improved

I've been meaning to get to this for some time, but haven't gotten around to it until today. In a previous post, I shared with the world my zsh PS1 variable. Well, I extended it a bit this morning making it more informative. First, I need to setup a scenario: I'm running screen locally on […]

Testing AlphaNumeric Arguments In Bash

Spending the evening working on my shell scripting, I thought I would jump into "Wicked Cool Shell Scripts" by Dave Taylor. In his script, he has a test case to check if a user entered in valid alphabetic or numeric characters. His result is elegant and clean. I've changed up the script a bit […]

Bash- The RIGHT Way

I guess when you have GNU developing both the bash shell and the text editor emacs, you're going to have one set of keyboard shortcuts work in the other. Case in point: the emacs keyboard shortcuts are also bound in the bash shell. Well, being a vim enthusiast, that just isn't going to work. So, […]

Irssi GUI Notify- The Bash Script

Apparently, people are having issues with the Bash script in my previous post. There is a syntax error, and they can't get it working. The error is something along these lines: aaron@poseidon:~$ bash 3: Syntax error: "done" unexpected (expecting "do") The problem is a missing semi-colon after the word "message" just before the […]

Irssi GUI Notify

I am currently connected to two Irssi instances coupled with screen. One instance at home, for all my personal IRC needs, and the other at a corporate LAN for secure inter-office IRC messaging. It works great, except when someone tries to get a hold of you (a highlight). I haven't found any good way for […]

Poll: First Programming Language?

My coworker asked me this question, and began asking a few others in a couple IRC channels. So, I thought I'd extend it to my blog, and the planets that I syndicate. I added as many choices as I could hoping to see a wide array of votes. I added a few newer languages for […]

WordPress Upgrade Script

For those of you running WordPress on your own server, or a server that you maintain, I wrote a little script that may make upgrading your WordPress a bit easier. For me, I am running 4 installations of WordPress, so, when the upgrades are released, it's a bit of a pain to get them all […]

Perl Versus Ruby on CSV

Ok. I had a little project at work, at which point, I turned to Perl to accomplish the task. The project was simple enough: take a comma-separated file, and look at a few fields to see what data is contained. Based on that data, create a "weight", and assign the weight to the record at […]

New Pthree Feature- Desktop Cam

I've had this before on one of my previous blogs under the domain. I no longer own that domain (I let it expire, and now some "search engine" is selling it), but it was pretty cool. You could see what I was doing at anytime during the day. Well, I set it up again […]

Binary Timestamp Screenshot

I was way too tired last night to whip up a screenshot, so you could see the script in action. So, here it is in a seperate post. Enjoy.

My First Irssi Script- Binary Timestamps

A couple nights ago, while on Freenode, lilo (Rob Levin) posted a small log of a chat in the channel, and I noticed that he was using the Unix Epoch time as his timestamp in his IRC client irssi. I thought that was genious, so I set out to code an irssi script that shows […]

Pimped Irssi

Below is a screenshot (click on it for a full-sized shot) of my current irssi setup. The visibles are as follows: perl script for the nicklist on the right. It is redrawn on screen for every part/join and every channel change. Really nice. I run it in screen mode rather than fifo mode. I […]

Screen Digraphs

Have you ever wanted to type that one character that just isn't on your keyboard? You know, like the cent symbol, or the acute mark? There are plenty, and it sure makes it frustrating for that one character, yet you have know idea how to access it. You know your program can do it, yet […]