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My Tmux Hardstatus Theme

Recently, I've made the switch from GNU Screen to Tmux for my remote terminal multiplexor. I still prefer GNU Screen for serial connections, however (something the Tmux developers don't seem to think is important). So, when getting it setup, I wanted my hardstatus line to imitate my GNU Screen hardstatus line as closely as possible. […]

Announcing Penny Red

This is my first open source project that I've started and maintained, so I'm pretty excited about it. I was upset at the current offerings of Hashcash for the various MUAs, so I set out to do something about it. You've already read on my blog about my solutions for minting and verifying Hashcash tokens […]

Verifying Hashcash Tokens With Mutt

Just five days ago, I blogged about minting Hashcash tokens in Mutt using a Python script (make sure you check that page for any updates to the source if you're using it). Well today, I finished writing my verification script. It takes some additional changes to your ~/.muttrc, which I'll outline here, and it requires […]

Hashcash and Mutt

Introduction I wanted to used Hashcash with Mutt, for nothing more than a curiosity to see if it generates any discussion, and to see if people notice. Further, I'm a big crypto advocate, and while Hashcash isn't exactly crypto, it's highly related to it, and uses it. Regardless, I wanted to see if I could […]

My ZSH, Irssi and Screen Themes On White And Black Backgrounds

Now that school is out for the summer, I have a bit of time to work on some of the themes I've created for my ZSH prompt, Irssi and GNU Screen. The first focus of mine was to get all themes working well with both white text on black backgrounds, and black text on white […]

Add Colors To Your ZSH Scripts

I was writing some scripts this morning to help me keep the Unix and Linux server I administer at work up to date with their NTP time synchronization. As I was going along, I thought to myself, "I'd like to see some color in the output." Thankfully, I already had the code in my ZSH […]

More ZSH Prompt Love

Ever since discovering ZSH 3 years ago, I've been addicted, but it wasn't until a good 2 years into using the prompt on a daily basis that I decided to do some radical work with my prompt. I've blogged about this before a couple times, making improvements along the way: post 0, post 1, post […]

Password Policies Suck

I've been getting a flurry of emails at work, reminding me that my passwords are about to expire on several Unix and Linux machines in our production datacenter. They have a policy in place, where the password much be changed every 90 days, and I have to keep my current password for at least 7 […]

Add Vim Editing Mode To Your ZSH Prompt

I've decided to go back to vi mode with my shell. Of course, by default, BASH, ZSH and others use emacs mode for the keyboard bindings. This is fine for the generic case, but if I'm using Vim for my default editor, it makes sense to use the Vi keyboard bindings in my shell as […]

DASH on Ubuntu

A couple recent posts have started on the Utah Open Source Planet regarding popd and pushd not being available on a default Ubuntu install. As discovered, popd and pushd are shell built-ins for the BASH shell, and not provided by the Debian Almquist Shell (DASH). Why has Ubuntu made the change from BASH to DASH […]

My ZSH Prompt Improved

I've been meaning to get to this for some time, but haven't gotten around to it until today. In a previous post, I shared with the world my zsh PS1 variable. Well, I extended it a bit this morning making it more informative. First, I need to setup a scenario: I'm running screen locally on […]

Testing AlphaNumeric Arguments In Bash

Spending the evening working on my shell scripting, I thought I would jump into "Wicked Cool Shell Scripts" by Dave Taylor. In his script, he has a test case to check if a user entered in valid alphabetic or numeric characters. His result is elegant and clean. I've changed up the script a bit […]

Bash- The RIGHT Way

I guess when you have GNU developing both the bash shell and the text editor emacs, you're going to have one set of keyboard shortcuts work in the other. Case in point: the emacs keyboard shortcuts are also bound in the bash shell. Well, being a vim enthusiast, that just isn't going to work. So, […]

Irssi GUI Notify- The Bash Script

Apparently, people are having issues with the Bash script in my previous post. There is a syntax error, and they can't get it working. The error is something along these lines: aaron@poseidon:~$ bash 3: Syntax error: "done" unexpected (expecting "do") The problem is a missing semi-colon after the word "message" just before the […]

Irssi GUI Notify

I am currently connected to two Irssi instances coupled with screen. One instance at home, for all my personal IRC needs, and the other at a corporate LAN for secure inter-office IRC messaging. It works great, except when someone tries to get a hold of you (a highlight). I haven't found any good way for […]