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Prince Passes Acid2

Fourth place just crossed the finish line, and it looks like it isn't even a browser. Prince 5.1 was released yesterday making it the fourth after Safari, Konqueror and iCab to pass Acid2 beating out Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera. See the news here.

Opera 9 and Acid2

Downloaded the latest build of Opera 9, which is still in the development stages and not ready for public release. Of course, the first page I visited was the Acid2 test page. I was amazed to see that Opera 9 almost passes, if it weren't for one ridiculous color. Check out the screenshot below: Opera […]

Firefox 1.5 Beta 2 Released

For those of you beta testing Mozilla Firefox 1.5, you will be pleased to find out that Beta 2 has been released today, and is ready for download. According to the Mozilla site, features include: Enhanced web page rendering Major security fixes Improved automated update system A few bug fixes Way to go on the […]