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Spam Karma Goes GPL

The comment spam filtering software used on this blog is Spam Karma. Three weeks ago, Dave, the author of the WordPress plugin, announced that Spam Karma has now gone GPL v2. I have been using this plugin exclusively for my comment spam since this blog has been up and running. Prior to the plugin going […]

Pardon My Dust

I'm undergoing some site changes with this blog. Looking for a nice wide 2-column layout for WordPress. I've stumbled on Minimalist Fever 1.21. It's clean, simple and lean. It has a fluid width, which is a must for me, looks good in all browsers, and as such, works well with all resolutions. The text is […]

WordPress SVN

I recently decided to reinstall my WordPress blog with the SVN copy of the software. Because WordPress does not support upgrading through the default install- a major hindrance, I've decided to keep my copy updated through SVN. This means that you need a working copy of SVN on your server. If running Ubuntu/Debian, the following […]

OpenID Enabled

It was important for me to get my site OpenID enabled, for those who would like to use it. I don't force users to register an account on my blog to comment, so enabling OpenID on my blog might seem a bit silly. However, for those who would like to use their OpenID to identify […]

WordPress Upgrade Script

For those of you running WordPress on your own server, or a server that you maintain, I wrote a little script that may make upgrading your WordPress a bit easier. For me, I am running 4 installations of WordPress, so, when the upgrades are released, it's a bit of a pain to get them all […]

Using GeSHi

For those who are unaware, I am using GeSHi as my syntax highlighter for WordPress. It is a solid program, and well worth the look, if you are looking for something to highlight your code on your blog. It's licensed under the GPL, and I love it. One of the strong features in GeSHi, is […]

Blog Updated- New Theme Installed

Monochrome, lightweight, and totally liquid. Comments fixed on the pages, lean CSS, designed with standards, no intensive images and a dark background with light text, so no more looking into a lightbulb as you read my blog. This is definitely the WordPress theme for me. I love it love it love it! You can find […]

Theme Changing Time

Pardon my dust while I change my WordPress theme. I'm looking for something with an overall dark theme, light text and wide. We'll see what turns up.

Page Comments

I am frustrated with this site theme. It is nice, and very well laid out, but it lacks the ability to show comments on pages. I know the PHP template is correct, so there must be something going under the hood that I am not aware of. So if you want to place a comment […]

Cool WordPress Plugin

Well, for those who are now commenting on my blog, of which I thank you, I am exploiting your user agent string, and displaying it for all the world to see. Let's see how many of you Linux/Firefox users are actually Windows/IE users! HAHA! 🙂 It will show something to the effect of: Using Firefox […]

More Spam Morons

(In the voice of Dr. Evil) Bwahahahaha!   Hahahahahaha!!   Mmmmwahahahahaha!!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!   MMMMWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!  Mmmmmhmmm!!   Hmmmm hmmm!  hmm hmm.  hmm.  Okay. Seriously, I think I am getting too much of a kick out of comment spam recently.  It is just so entertaining.  Here is the latest, that actually passed all the spam checks in Spam Karma, […]

I Love Comment Spam, Kinda

At least I find it very humorous. I am using WordPress 2.0 as my blog CMS, and lately, I have been getting a fair amound of comment spam. Luckily, I have the strongest spam filter out there, Spam Karma 2. I won't go into details about how it works, but it does a fantastic job. […]

Changing Themes

I am in the process of changing the overall look and theme of the site.  I won't be designing my own (too lazy), so I will be finding some cool WordPress themes that are wide and stylish.  If you notice that the theme changes as often as I wash my hands (I am very compulsive […]

Linux Is Fun and Stuff, but...

...setting up a Linux server, and evern worse, being the system administrator is a pain in the butt!!!111!!!11!one Okay, here's the thing.  I am now hosting the OALUG site on my Ubuntu web server.  No big deal.  I am hosting 3 other sites as well.  Being a web admin is not that bad.  Lately, however, […]

Comment Spam

As with every other blog that I have ever hosted, I seem to be the target of comment spam.  In the past, I have implemented CAPTCHA images, forcing previews, and filters, all of which worked exceptionally well.  With WordPress, however, I can catch all comments in moderation to require approval first.  This was working fairly […]