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Tiny Tiny RSS - The Google Reader Replacement

With all the weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth about Google killing Reader, I figured I'd blog something productive. Rather than piss and moan, here is a valid solution you can build for at most two bucks, using entirely Free Software, running on your own server, under your control. The solution is to install Tiny […]

Please, Publish FULL Feeds

Nothing is more annoying, then finding a great site, with solid content, only to syndicate their RSS feed, and see the oh-so-very-annoying "More..." link after 1/2 way through the 2nd sentence. Here's the thing. The reason I am syndicating your feed, and the reason most others are too, is so I don't have to visit […]

RSS In Plain English

The people over at have whipped up a video for explaining RSS in plain English. Although I am already familiar with the technology, and even the differences between Atom and RSS, I still enjoyed the video. I could find this handy to show to my parents or siblings, as when I try explaining new […]

My RSS Feeds

Ok, a bit ago, I was looking for some RSS feeds. I was hoping that I would come across some real good feeds from those on a couple planets. I was in the hunt for tech/geek/Linux/FLOSS feeds. I found a few, and I'm happy with the results thus far, even though, I'm still very much […]

Newsfeed Tag

Ok. Time for a game. Because I'm starting the game, I'm going to set the rules. This is a blogging tag game, where, if tagged in a blog post, you must post as well. In your blog post, you must provide a trackback ping to the post that tagged you (a permalink to the post). […]