Image of the glider from the Game of Life by John Conway
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I used to have a contact form here, but it got spammed beyond belief, even when I had the comment form Hashcash and reCaptcha protected. The spam wasn't bad, but the fact that it existed at all drove me nuts enough to put an end to it. So, as a result, you can parse all my contact information out of the QR Code below.

There are a number of ways to get at the contact information with the image, such as taking a snapshot with your bar code reader on your smart phone or going to any decoding site on the web, and grabbing it that way. Personally, I would recommend using ZXING for the decoding. When decoded, you'll notice additional information that isn't really contact-related. This is metadata for a format called MECARD. I have a post about how that works here.

At any event, if you really want to contact me, you'll take the steps to get to the info. If not, at least I won't be getting contact form spam. Decode the image here.